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Welcome to the very first Gashmius Haggadah Companion, a selection of Jewish sources – classical and contemporary, from a wide variety of Hasidic and other Jewish traditions – that we’ve compiled in the hopes of adding meaning to your seder this year. 

Though you should, of course, feel free to interact with these diverse sources in whatever ways you see fit, we are imagining that the shorter readings here can be helpful additions to your actual seder — deepening and enriching the traditional haggadah, while spurring new questions and ideas — and the longer pieces might stimulate deeper reflections around the values of Passover in the modern world that will reverberate even after seder night.


In this holiday of liberation, we hope and pray that these sources can help us all to find freedom from our own personal Egypts, and that our journeys out of bondage can play a small part in the redemption of this beautiful and broken world.


Hannah Altman

Lya Finston

Henry Rosenberg

Jay Smith

Eva Sturm-Gross

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