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Introductory Essays

At the start of each of our volumes, we include a short introductory essay written by the Gashmius staff— these are meant to help welcome our readers into neo-Hasidism. This includes both historical contextualization of what hasidism and neo-hasidism have been in the past, as well as fleshing out what a “progressive neo-Hasidism” might look like in the future.


Volume I - November 16th, 2022

A historical survey that takes us from the emergence of Hasidism in the 18th century through the bubbling of neo-Hasidism in the 20th century.

Volume II - August 8th, 2023

Unpacking the theology from which we take our name, and asserting that it makes moral — and not just spiritual — claims on people.

Volume III - February 26th, 2024

 Expanding on the claim made in our previous essay, "What is Gashmius?" by asserting that a “mystical state of unity with God and an ethical state of moral behavior are co-occurrent.”

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