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Note about Rabbi Arthur Green

Gashmius Magazine is devastated to hear the news regarding Rabbi Arthur Green. Our four staff members all have different relationships to him and his work, but our project has always consciously been a continuation of his legacy of bringing Hasidic spirituality into liberal Judaism. As an organization and as individuals, we are currently grappling with revelations about the harms that Green has caused to his students, and to our communities. Part of our vision of neo-Hasidism includes a refusal to uplift anyone to the status of a rebbe/teacher who can’t be questioned, and this solidifies our commitment to building egalitarian alternatives to hierarchical models of religious life. 


We plan to release a larger piece of writing discussing what this means for our burgeoning progressive neo-Hasidism, but for now we want the Gashmius community to know that, just like the rest of you, we are working through this too. We hope that this volume offers a reminder of the ways Hasidism can be used to help heal the fractures in our world and in ourselves.

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