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"There's no place for honorifics
or domination in a place
where Holiness is revealed."

Reb Kalonymous Kalmish Shapira of Piaseczner 

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Gashmius Magazine is a platform for a non-hierarchical Judaism that

is rooted in, but not confined to, Hasidic sources and teachings. We strive to make the wealth of Jewish mystical spirituality accessible to anyone who might find it meaningful. Central to this project is the Hasidic idea that holiness is found in all of physicality; our obligation to recognize and uplift that holiness guides both our religiosity and our progressivism.

What is gashmius?
what is neo-hasidism?

Gashmius: pronounced /GOSH-me-yus/

The yiddish form of the word, gashmiut, meaning material or "mundane".

Below we've linked a few resources pertaining to Gashmius and neo-Hasidism. We hope

that you might find them interesting and useful as you embark on your journey!

Learn about avodah b'gashmius and why that Hasidic teaching is central to the work of Gashmius Magazine. 

A brief, non-comprehensive overview of the origins of Hasidism and neo-Hasidism.

Audio and visual learning materials that can provide introductory & supplimentary knowledge about neo-Hasidism.

"A person who does not see the Holy One Blessed be G-d in every place
does not see G-d at all."

Hannah Rochel, the Maiden of Ludmir

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